Other considerations Avances en Ciencias e Ingenieria (ACI)

Other considerations

Hereby, there’s information relating to the works which are not selected to be published in the journal. The failure to publish a manuscript in Avances en Ciencias e Ingeniería can be attributed to three reasons: 1) negative evaluation of the referees (and, therefore, work is not publishable), 2) due to work’s withdrawal by the authors, at any stage or 3) due to inappropriate behaviors in a publication.

1) Negative evaluation of referees and publication
Implies that the work evaluation in question, by more than one referee (peer review), has been unfavorable. Referees have indicated various comments and observations that justify their decision. The Editor informs the author the decision not to publish the work in the journal, based on the evaluations. The author can re-submit work for consideration in the magazine, but must restate from past evaluations. This work will be treated as new, and subjected to evaluation in accordance with the procedures described by the journal.
2) Work withdrawal
A work will not be published, if the author withdraws it, at any stage of the process (reception, evaluation, modification, and acceptance).
3) Inappropriate behavior in publications
Avances en Ciencias e Ingeniería, rejects any publication that has not been carried out in an honest, serious and professional way, what goes against the principles and values that be researchers must follow in general. Therefore, there’s no place in the journal for: replication (full or partial), plagiarism (and self plagiarism), forgery and data, manipulation and any other inappropriate action. When a work and its author have engaged in any dishonest practices, copyright and ethical commitment provided by the magazine violation (acknowledged by the author), the work will be excluded of the publishing process notifying the author and his institution.
If a work is not published in the journal, for the reason stated in paragraph 1 (negative evaluation), the author shall be entitled a refund of 50% of the payment made for their work (percentage that considers the administrative and operational costs involved in the management of an article), according to the actual amount received by EBS (in the case of wire transfers), or leave this percentage as a credit balance for sending other work.
No partial (or total) refund will be provided to the author whose work has not been published for the reasons stated in paragraphs 2 and 3.
Deadline for the authors (negative evaluation of referees and publication) to consider this money (50% of the amount paid) either as refund or credit balance for a new work is 12 months (from date of notification). After that, there is no chance for claiming the money.
The refund process (for those authors upon request) will be conducted as follows:
  • For foreign authors (outside Chile): Using Western Union, for which they must provide the recipient’s name, tax identification number or any other relevant information needed.
  • For national authors (in Chile): Wire transfer to a checking account, for which respective data must be provided.